Logo of Kreative Kraut
We are a software studio located in the Allgäu region, focused on interactive applications, 3D visualization, games and gamification.
Fabi and Stefan, the founder of Kreative Kraut, are standing in front of a brick wall, smiling at the cameraOur goal is to make it possible to experience topics in a new way through interactivity!
Fabi is pointing at the logo of Kreative Kraut on the door of the office doorAn illustration from the prototype currently in development. It shows a flying ship on a dusty planet.One of our team members wearing a shirt with our logo during one of our talks

What we offer

Game Technologies for Machine Learning

  • Simulation environments
  • Generation of training data such as labeled images or lidar data

Product visualization

  • Online-configurators for products
  • Freely walkable 3D environments
  • Extended planning capability for infrastructure projects and product presentations for customers

Employee recruitment

  • Attract attention with game jams or hackathons
  • Networking to the local GameDev scene as founder of the GameDev Allgäu community
  • Contacts to graduates as alumni of the HS Kempten


  • Sweepstakes and minigames for company anniversaries or holidays
  • Visualization of project processes for better communication
  • Interactive applications and animated advertising videos
Your idea is not included or you are not sure what makes sense for your company? We support you from the idea generation to the delivery of the finished project!
A group selfie from the 2nd Game Dev Stammtisch - a regular meeting we organise.A screenshot from one of our first games. It shows the main menu of a pirate game.A screenshot from one of our games
Design of the product according to your ideas
Results to your satisfaction
Consultation and support in all areas

Our partners

Logo of our partner Allgäu DigitalLogo of our partner Netzwerk Kultur Kreativ Wirtschaft AllgäuLogo of our partner Film Fernseh Fonds BayernLogo of our partner Verband der deutschen Games-BrancheLogo of our partner Team DiversityLogo of our partner Games BavariaLogo of our partner Hochschule Kempten


Keselstr. 16, 87435 Kempten