Uncover a mystical world!
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In "Dreamkeeper" you play as Mashmallow, the cute little pet of a girl named Ava who wants to become a heroine. The so called "Dreamkeepers" are pets who have the magical ability to see nightmares and ward them off, while their owners are sleeping. But in Avas home village the Dreamkeepers are getting weaker and weaker and no one knows why. She embarks on a journey to find the cause of the problem and save her village. Help Marshmallow to fend off the nightmares and discover more about Avas world by increasing the score and unlocking more stories!
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Choose your powers
By increasing the high-score you can unlock new tarot-cards with different abilities. There are five in total to choose from for every game you play, but you can only choose two in every fight to protect Ava fro the nightmares. Find your very own playstyle and explore the different card-synergies and modifiers to get the highest score!
A picture of the The death tarot-card in the gameThe death
A picture of the The emperor tarot-card in the gameThe emperor
A picture of the The hanged man tarot-card in the gameThe hanged man
A picture of the The lovers tarot-card in the gameThe lovers
A picture of the The tower tarot-card in the gameThe tower
Choose your challenge!
There are different game modes which offer the right challenge for every player, whether professional or beginner. After unlocking every card and lore-snippet you can customize your own game and choose modifiers to make the game harder or easier. Beat your own record and set new high scores by protecting Ava from all Nightmares!
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