Projekt Hörn

Currently in production
Financially supported by FFF Bayern and the budgetary funds of the Free State of Bavaria
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You play as Sam, finding yourself stuck in a time loop on board a flying desert ship. There is a monster constantly trying to kill you, a captain telling sailors yarn and your family not remembering a thing.
Can you escape the loop?
Image of Sam
Image the ship flying over the dunes
Image of the captain of the ship
After an ordinary job goes wrong, Sam finds herself with her father Frank and her older sister Max on the Groundhog, a ship with a grumpy captain, who offers his help. She wakes up in the med bay and curiously begins to explore the ship. She communicates by radio with her family members, who give her tasks and ask for help. But the monster is never far away. She has to learn to use the loop to her advantage to not only escape the monster but also save her family.
Loop by Loop she explores the outcome of different actions and kicks of chains of events to get information she never could obtain in only one life. With every new clue one question arises: Which parts of the captain's story are true and which are just fiction.
Circular image of FrankCircular image of Sam
Image of the scenery, with an old crashed car

Explore the ship

The Groundhog is full of surprises and hidden secrets!

Solve the problems on board

Help to keep the ship on track and use your wits and skills from different loops!

Clear up the mystery

Will you be able to discover the story behind the mysterious Captain and his ship?
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