Image of fabi
Co-Founder - Technical Director
Image of stefan
Co-Founder - CEO
Image of veronika
Game Designer
Image of curry
Chief Happiness Officer
Who we are
We found together through various university projects and are developing games together since 2017. Both as part of our studies and as hobby projects in our free time. After graduating in 2022 we decided it is time for us to take the passion we share to build something bigger. We love games that are a mix of fresh game mechanics and interesting stories. These are the values we want to put into every of our games, in order to fascinate the players with the medium in the same way that we are.
Our pillars
Keeping Krauts happy
Making games with passion
Games are art, fun and entertainment
Diversity and Sustainability
Do these pillars sound cool to you? Then check out our open positions and let us find out together if you fit into our team!